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26 March 2019 Bitmax Token BTMX Predictions

26 March 2019 Bitmax Token BTMX Predictions

Resuming it’s consecutive price increase, the Bitmax Token BTMX manages to attract more investor attention as some conflicting BTMX price predictions were recently put forward by some crypto experts.

Key details:

The only exchange the BTMX is traded on is the Bitmax exchange which issued the token itself.

BTMX circulating supply is currently 475,585,059 BTMX while the total supply amount is 10 billion BTMX.

BTMX is a mineable cryptocurrency and mining activity was planned to proceed until unlocked 5.1 billion out of the entire 10 billion BTMX tokens are mined.

According to Bitmax mining datas, approximatelly 2,800,000 BTMX tokens are mined daily which also means within 1685 days, unlocked 5.1 billion BTMX tokens will have been mined.

Considering the circulating supply, the current BTMX price seems to be at an average level. A possible price fall is also likely due to increase in circulating supply as a result of mining activities.

Note : This is not an investment advice. Crypto investment is subject to high risks.

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