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April 2019 Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Predictions

April 2019 Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Predictions

Major cryptocurrencies started the month of April 2019 with a remarkable price increase with Bitcoin surpassing the 5k USD level, Ethereum hitting the level above 150 USD and Litecoin reaching 68 USD.

April 2019 Bitcoin Prediction

In case Bitcoin price manages to surpass the 5k level throughout the month for one more time, a further rise up to 5500-6000 USD is highly possible. Otherwise, we should expect a partial fall as a result of non-persistent upward movement.

April 2019 Ethereum Prediction

Any price increase towards 155 USD will likely force the Ethereum to breakout the 160 USD level. Ethereum price should record a stable price movement to attract traders.

April 2019 Litecoin Predition

Unless it breaksout the level of 70 USD, a further increase in the value of Litecoin should not be expected. In case, it surpasses the level of 70 USD, it will most likely encourage a buy-in wave.

Considering the fact that increases in cryptocurrency prices are strictly subject to new investment entries into the cryptocurrency market, we should make our predictions based on this fact. On the other hand, developments and project progresses should be closely watched as these are influential factors that define the price direction of coins.

Cryptocurrency adoption keeps growing across the world. As lightning network integrated cryptocurrency ATMs have already started to be installed at shopping malls in several countries, this is expected to contribute to the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Warning : This is not an investment advice and can be considered as a personal assessment only. Cryptocurrency trading involves high capital loss risks. Trade consciously.

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