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Can KNC price rise above 1 USD in 2019 ?

Can KNC (Kyber Network Coin) price rise above 1 USD in 2019 ? : is it possible for KNC price to go above 1 USD level in 2019 ? Here is Kyber Network Coin KNC price prediction for 2019.

With only 157.190.162 KNC circulating supply in addition to a successful decentralized token swap mechanism, the KNC draws significant attenting from traders.

KNC has delivered all key milestones promised in roadmap so far, which is a vital factor that boosts it’s reputation in the cryptocurrency market.

KNC has managed to create an easy to use, reliable and effective ecosystem that provides users with the ability of swapping between all supported tokens.

The KNC coin went down to it’s historical lowest level in February 2019 with 1 KNC trading for 0.115 USD only. As March 2019 approached, the KNC price saw a remarkable bounce with stable movement that led the coin to go above 0.33 USD as of March 9, 2019.

The recent price spring has sparked more global attention which has a potential of forcing the price go even further. However the current level is quite critical. If the KNC manages to hold on to the level of 0.33 and above for a week, it is possible for the price to resume the upward movement. Otherwise, it is more likely to experience a serious pull back. Therefore, we should see a stable price movement at the current levels in order to make an accurate KNC price prediction in 2019.

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