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Samsung Galaxy S10 Crypto Wallet FAQs and How tos

Samsung Galaxy S10 Crypto Wallet FAQs and How tos

In the wake of completion of deliveryof the pre-ordered smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, the built-in crypto wallet started be used by smartphone users. However, there are several points that need to be made clear. So this thread of questions and answers consisting of faqs and how tos about Samsung Galaxy S10 crypto wallet could be helpful.

Does Samsung Galaxy S10 crypto wallet support Bitcoin ?

No. The built-in crypto wallet supports Ethereum only.

ERC tokens are supported by Galaxy s10 crypto wallet ?

Since the Ethereum is supported, users will be able to send or receive any ERC tokens.

How to send or receive Ethereum via Galaxy S10 crypto wallet ?

In order to receive ethereum from ethereum or exchange wallets, you should give them your unique ETH address which you can find in the “receive” section. If you want to send ETH from your wallet, you need to go to the “send” section and fill in the receiver address and amount fields.

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