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How to play games on Google Stadia ?

How to play games on Google Stadia ? Which games are supported and available on Stadia ? Google Stadia controller price and specs.

Google has introduced it’s revolutionary cloud based game-streaming service named Google Stadia as several question still need their answers, including ones like ” How to play games on Stadia ?” and ” Which games are supported and available on Stadia ?”.

In order to understand how users will play games on Google Stadia, we will need to put a spotlight on the operating logic of the Stadia.

How does the Stadia work ?

Google Stadia’s high-end infrastructure functions as bridge between thousands of newly released games and players, enabling players to access to games via laptop, pc, smartphones or tablet without needing a specific device like video game consoles.

Players will simply be able to access to Google Stadia via internet connection and to select their favourite games out of ones available. Since the Google Stadia apply all game updates automatically, players will always be playing games with all recent updates installed.

Google Stadia internet connection requirement and data consumption

A fast and reliable internet connection is required as games will be presented in 4K display resolution and it is thought to consume remarkable data. A connection speed above 15 mbps is required as data loss should be kept below 5% with latency being limited to below 40ms.

Google Stadia Controllers

Google Stadia game controllers
Google Stadia game controllers

Google also has developed an exclusive game controller (joystick) for the best gaming experience on Google Stadia. Google Stadia controller offers a perfect grasp thanks to it’s exceptional design. The price tag for stadia controllers have not been announced yet. However stadia controller prices are not expected to exceed prices for controllers manufactured by xbox and PS.

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