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How to earn BAT cryptocurrency with Brave browser

How to earn BAT cryptocurrency with Brave browser : is it really possible to earn BAT coin (Basic Attention) by using the brave browser ?

The San Fransisco Based web browser developer Brave has launched a generous reward program through which brave users will be able to earn BAT token as they use the browser. Other browsers would not pay you for showing you ads but Brave would.

A passionate Brave user can earn tens of BAT token every day. So that means, it can be a good extra income for students or people willing to make some extra money online.

How to earn BAT with brave browser ?

Once you download and install Brave, you will be receiving ad notifications when an ad is put into circulation. You will be rewarded upon viewing the ad offered to you.

You can check your balance which also includes all necessary reports about your ad viewing experience.

How much you can earn with Brave ?

The amount you can possibly earn with Brave will depend on your performance. The more ad you view, the more BAT you earn. 1 BAT currently equals to 0.19 USD.

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