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is Nipsey Hussle dead ?

is Nipsey Hussle dead ? The Rapper Nipsey Hussle has allegedly been shot dead by unidentified gunmen at his store in Los Angeles.

The initial reports indicated that three people were shot at Nipsey Hussle’s store. As police announced that wounded people had been rushed to hospital on time, it was declared that one of the wounded people had died. Some sources claimed it was Nipsey Hussle who has lost his life at hospital.

The allegation has not been confirmed by hospital. The Los Angeles Police Department also has not made any statement on allegations that Nipsey Hussle has died at hospital.

Update :

Nipsey Hussle dies at hospital

The rapper Nipsey Hussle died at hospital this morning, the local police confirmed to media.

Nipsey Hussle’s tragic death came after nearly 36 hours he was assaulted by gunmen at his store in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles police announced a suspect has been taken into custody on intentional murder charge.

The media coverage on the incident has been lashed out, as several reports claimed Nipsey Hussle was a gang member.

In another development, a stampede erupted for an unknown reason has caused several injuries. At least 19 people are reported to have been treated.

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