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Libby Squire’s dead body found in Humber Estuary

Libby Squire’s dead body found in Humber Estuary

Following days of an extensive search for Libby Squire who went missing in Hull on 1 February 2019, a dead body found in the Humber Estuary has been confirmed to belong to Libby Squire.

The body was found yesterday night. The forensic science experts have concluded that the dead body is that of the missing student, upon the completion of an autopsy on the body. Findings revealed Libby Squire had died from drowning.

The 21 year old universty student Libby Squire’s tragic death has deeply saddened her family, friends and the United Kingdom public.

The UK police carry out a comprehensive investigation to discover whether she fell by accident or someone pushed her into the river.

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