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Pewdiepie and New Zealand mosque shootings

On Pewdiepie and New Zealand mosque shootings

The Christianist terrorist asking viewers to subscribe to Pewdiepie Youtube channel, has drawn a global attention to the channel run by Sweedish Youtuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. It is being wondered whether the Youtuber has a direct or indirect contribution to the hideous New Zealand attacks.

The Youtuber, nicknamed Pewdiepie, has long been criticised for racist and offending jokes he frequently make in his videos.

While this disgusting fact might prompt people to think there is an ideological relation between the New Zealand terrorists and Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, it is still an insufficient evidence to come to a onclusion that the Youtuber has financed or supported the attack.

However there is an annoying fact that needs to be addressed efficiently; the recent attack that left 49 innocent people dead, is the activity form of the radical religous terrorism, racist, supremacits ideologies. This is the ultimate point that such viruses take their followers to. What they breed are hatret, murder, war, immigration, poverty, undignity, hostility…

Sooner or later but definitely, all radical ideologies lead to terror. It starts with feeling sympathy, grows over time and reaches it’s peak and leads to violence at the end of this process.

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