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Spain human blood sausages

Spain human blood sausages : Sausages made from human blood taste good, experimentists say.

Call it cannibalism or not, the human blood sausages keep attracting more people in Spain as people tried human blood sausages share positive reviews.

Some restaurants offer human blood sausages by it’s traditional name Morcilla. In United Kingdom, it is called the blood pudding with several other namings varying from country to country.

How the human blood sausages are made ? Here is the recipe for human blood sausages :

A fair amount of blood drawn from human veins is mixed with minced meat and spices. The mix is filled in a casings or nylon sausage casing. Once casings are filled with sausage mix, they are thrown into a boiling hot water and boiled until it cooked.

Note : This recipe has not been shared for you to try. Please beware it might damage your health as human blood may contain some risky elements or compounds.

Note 2 : It is not adviced to draw blood from veins on your own unless you are a professional.

How to buy/order human blood sausages on internet ?

This options is not available. The human blood sausages can be tasted at restaurants in the town of Burgos in Spain. Price for a standard portion of human blood sausage vary from 19 to 29 Euros.

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