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Bella Hadid Cappadocia Turkey photos

Bella Hadid Cappadocia Turkey photos

The globally famous American Model Bella Hadid (full name Isabella Khair Hadid) has arrived in Cappadocia, the Turkish historical and touristic region, for a special photoshoot project to be carried out by the Turkish Photographer Mert Alas.

Mert Alas is a prominent photographer known for his photoshoots with world’s most famous celebrity figures from Penelope Cruz to Kim Kardashian.

Bella Hadid will pose for Mert Alas’s camera at touristic sites in Cappadocia, the region which is famous for fairy chimneys and helium baloon tours.

Bella Hadid’s Cappadoccia photos are thought to be used in an advertisement campaign by a Turkish brand.

Here are Bella Hadid Cappadocia Turkey photos :
Photo Gallery in progress.

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