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What is sister wife or brother husband ?

What is sister wife or brother husband ?

Some terms coined in modern ages might be confusing, including these two brand new relationship terms ; sister wife and brother husband. If you have just heard someone mentioning sister wife or brother husband, you will most likely wonder what sister wife or brother husband means. For that reason, it is helpful to have a clear understanding of sister wife and brother husband terms.

What is sister wife ? What does sister wife mean ?

Firstly, the term of sister wife does not refer to an incest marriage between a sister and a brother. It is more of a polygamous marriage terminology. The term of sister wife simply refers to a woman who is already married to a man but also have a romantic relationship with another woman. In a polygamous relationship, a woman can be a married wife as well as get involved in a bisexual relationship with a woman.

What is brother husband ? What does brother husband mean ?

Similar to the sister wife term, the term of brother husband is also a polygamous relationship term which refers to a man who is already married to a woman but also practically have a romantic bisexual relationship with a man.

Despite the terms are newly invented, the number of polygamy or polyandry dating websites have increased rapidly. People looking for such polygamous relationships show great interest to polygamy dating websites.

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