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is scam ? Read reviews and comments

is scam ? Read reviews and comments

Claiming to be a cloud mining company, does not seem to be a legit mining entrepreneurship at all. High return rates on investment offered at, make visitors suspicious of trustworthiness. Hence the question “is scam” arises. ROT rates up to 300% monthly profit well prove that there is a scam operation going on.

Researched based on customer reviews and feedbacks, experts found out that there are tens of complaints about

So many internet users expressed that was a scam. Therefore we responsibly would warn our visitors against

5 Comment

  1. JM JM March 18, 2019

    fake review

    I just got my payment

    • Amir Amir March 26, 2019

      Did this site pay u any latest payouts

  2. Allen Hassett Allen Hassett March 25, 2019

    I found this and the site looks high like a really nice site but this site says 20% interest a day. I cant find it any where there name is the same as a, cryptocurrency trading platform but i dont know if there is any connection. Can you please look in to this site for me, thank you!!!!

    • İlhan BARAN İlhan BARAN Post author | March 31, 2019

      Scam site, do not invest.

  3. Christopher Christopher March 31, 2019

    Indeed it is a scam, they stopped paying

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