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13 March 2019 why instagram and facebook are down ?

13 March 2019 why instagram and facebook are down ? : Are instagram and facebook down or hacked ? Why instagram and facebook webpages  and apps do not work properly ?

For an unknown reason , the official webpages and mobile apps of instagram and facebook encountered a malfunction with users from various countries failing to access to their accounts, upload photos and give reactions to present posts.

Both Facebook and Instagram users trying to access to apps, received an error message that read “Oops, an error occurred.”

It is unclear when this problem is going to be fixed.

There has not been any official statement by representatives so far.

Even though a hacker attack was thought to be the reason for the instagram access issue, it seems more like a server problem considering the fact that both apps are operated by same organization and hosted at the same data center.

Can you use the instagram and facebook mobile apps properly ? Share your thoughts with us.

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