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Who leaked Rabi Pirzada video ?

The man believed to be behind Rabi Pirzada video leak

Who leaked Rabi Pirzada video ? Following the leaking of the Pakistani pop singer Rabi Pirzada’s undressing video, all eyes turned to the person who has leaked the video and his motives for doing this.

According to a close friend of Rabi Pirzada, leaking of this private video has been practiced as a matter of revenge. A man whose name is still unknown is believed to have leaked the video allegedly after his marriage proposal got rejected by Rabi Pirzada.

On the other hand, a remarkable number of Rabi Pirzada fans blamed the leaking of video on Narendra Modi affiliated groups pointing out Rabi Pirzada’s anti-Modi stance and expressions.

Rabi Pirzada’s fan called on Pakistani officials to take legal action against the leaker for violating the right of privacy.

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