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Who is Fake Melania Trump ?

Who is Fake Melania Trump ?

A recent conspiracy theory suggests that Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump has a fake double whose identity has not revealed yet.

According to the fake Melania Trump double conspiracy theory, there is a woman with physical qualities significantly close Melania Trump. When she puts on an eyeglass, it becomes impossible to spot if she is the fake Melania Trump or the real one.

The originators of the fake Melania Trump conspiracy theory, support their allegations with some photos and videos. The video showing moments Donald Trump and Melania Trump landed in West Palm Beach, Florida, is the strongest proof of the theory. The woman seen with Donald Trump allegedly was the Fake Melania trump.

Now the entire USA wonders the identity of the fake Melania Trump. While the identity of fake Melania Trump is kept hidden, some sources claims they have already figured out who is the fake Melania Trump. According to some sources, the fake Melania Trump is a secret service agent with her real name remaining “secret”. It looks like we will never who she really is…

She has undergone plastic surgery to better look like Melania Trump

This striking allegation is likely to make headlines. According to an e-mail sent to, the secret service agent has gone plastic surgery procedure to better look like Melania Trump.

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