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Who is Kyle Dennis Californian Real Estate Agent

Who is Kyle Dennis Californian Real Astate Agent : The story of the man who allegedly made 2.8 million usd investing in stock market is real or it is just a made-up story composed by ?

According to a website with the url, a Californian real estat broker named Kyle Dennis has made 2.8 million USD by the help of stock market consultants working for

There are also success stories starring some other men and women named Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, Petra Hess, Jeff Williams, Davis Martin.

The story seems quite fabricated, apparently for the purpose of attracting more customers who will pay for the consulting service.

The stock market investments are known for high level capital loss risk but somehow can offer astronomical profits as high as 2.8 million USD. Nobody can make it seem easy to make profit from stock market tradings.

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