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Who is Nipsey Hussle’s murder suspect ?

Who is Nipsey Hussle’s murder suspect ?

The Los Angeles Polis Department announced this morning that they had identified the murder suspect of Nipsey Hussle.

A man alleged to have carried out the armed assault on Nipsey Hussle’s store in Los Angeles has reportedly been taken into custody on intentional murder charge.

Who has killed Nipsey Hussle ?

Eric Holder,29, has been identified as the murder suspect in the killing of Nipsey Hussle.

An investigation into the killing of Nipsey Hussle is underway. After the completion of interrogation of the murder suspect, LAPD is expected to make a public statement.

What was the motive behind the killing ?

While motives behind the killing of the rapper still remains unknown, several media outlets claimed it was a gang reckoning that tookt he life of Nipsey Hussle.

However this has not been confirmed and can only be made clear if the testimony of the murder suspect is shared with public.

On the other hand a woman named Aniyah Danieel who claimed to be part of Nipsey Hussle’s social circle said in an mail sent to that a gang asked for money threatening Nipsey Hussle with murder if he refuses to pay.

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