1xbet scam complaints on rise

1xbet scam complaints on rise : Numbers of complaints submitted online by 1xbet players have recently increased.

A player submitted his/her complaint on social media saying that 1xbet refused to make refund because the deposited amount is below the “minimum deposit amount”.

Here is the complaint :

“Hello community,

I unknowingly deposit an amount of ethereum below minimum deposit amount. I really did not know.

I later found out minimum amount for ETH was 0.07 ETH but i deposited like 0.0075 ETH.

I sent an email regarding the issue to the “payments department” yesterday to request a refund. Waiting since yesterday and they today replied me saying i need to deposit more (the remaining amount ).

I told them that i dont have more ethereum and i request a refund. They just dont reply and it has been 28 hours.

I think this is scam. Aside from refusing making refund, even handling customer care service that slowly is scam also. I think if a company is unable to solve an issue within 28 hours, it should not be in the field.”

Here is the proof the payment department clearly states that they would not make refund :

Complaints suggesting that 1xbet scams its users and customer care service doesn’t handle issues on time keep increasing.

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