2020 cheapest electric cars in US

2020 cheapest electric cars in US : Electric cars are environment friendly vehicles in addition to being highly affordable in terms of energy consumption. However, it is also important to buy an electric car at an affordable price.

A good electric car is capable of covering about 400 km with a full battery that costs 8 USD only. For that very reason, people living in US have already started to switch to electric cars. 2020 budget electric cars in US see an unusual interest from people willing to buy electric car.

Here are 2020 cheapest electric cars in US along with some important informations including range and price tag.

2020 cheapest electric cars in US

2020 Nissan Leaf

Price : $29,999

Range : 108 miles (173 km)

2020 Tesla Model 3

Price : $35,000

Range : 133 miles (214 km)

2020 Hyundai Kona EV

Price : $36,900

Range : 120 miles (193 km)

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