Abu Dhabi pearl value worth price

Abu Dhabi pearl value worth price : Experts literally can not set a price for the Abu Dhabi pearl which is very unique and special due to it’s age and size.

Although most of pearl experts have difficulty in estimating a figure for Abu Dhabi pearl value, there are some pearl traders who have opinion about  the Abu Dhabi pearl worth.

Traders estimating a price for Abu dhabi pearl predicate their price estimations on the price of the world’s most expensive pearl which has a value of 100 million USD. The “most expensive pear” titled pearl discovered by a fisherman in Philippines is 26 inches in length, 12 inches in width and 0.75 pound in weight. In the light of this informations, pearl experts are able to estibate a price for the Abu Dhabi pearl which is 1.5 inch in length, 1.10 inch in width and about 0.06 pound in weight.

Making a comparison based on this qualities, traders think the price of Abu Dhabi pearl should not be less than 20 million USD considering its age which is an effective criteria that adds value to the pearl.

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