Bee Network Review

Bee Network Review : is Bee Network a reliable, legit and trustworthy project or a scam campaign ? Let’s take detailed look at Bee Network, Bee Coin and the process of the entire system.

What is Bee Network ?

Bee Network, as explained at the project website, is a blockchain based game platform specialized in casino games while the native token named BEE Coin is utilized in all financial transactions and reward payouts.

Bee Network Mining

The system offers users a flexible rate of rewards in return for just visiting the mobile app once every 24 hours. This function is called Bee Network mining which in deed a simple game designed to distribute rewards in Bee Coin on hourly basis. By participating in this, you would not be doing mining activity but playing a mining game.

BEE Coin

It has not even been created yet. The coin is called by a name which is reminiscent of several active projects. The team promises participators that the coin is going to be created after the completion of the mining phase when 1 billion of targeted user count is reached.

Why Bee Network is not Reliable ?

When reviewed depending on the given evidences, the Bee Network seems more like a campaign aiming to collect personal infos of 1 billion users who have proven to be interested in cryptocurrency, crypto mining. Such informations are traded at remarkable prices while mining companies or similar entrepreneurships show interest in them to reach target groups.

Additionally, there are not transparent informations about the team behind the project. Who are operating the system, who are financing the project ? They would not let us know anything about these important details.

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