Best Cyberpunk 2077 Settings Optimization

Best Cyberpunk 2077 Settings Optimization

Best Cyberpunk 2077 Settings Optimization : Applying these changes will boost Cyberpunk 2077 performance giving you the best possible gaming experience.


  • Decrease blurriness (u/SirDemonLord & u/destaree)
  • Instructions:
  1. Graphics → turn off Chromatic Aberrations
  • Rationale: Creates light color shifts (blurring) on the edges of some objects that lowers image sharpness
  • Caveat: Takes away a “film-like” texture mimicking IRL cameras
  1. Graphics → turn off Film Grain
  • Rationale: Creates a grainy textured distortion
  • Caveat: Takes away an attempt to make the game look more “cinematic” by mimicking atmospheric movies
  1. Graphics → turn off Motion Blur
  • Rationale: Creates a blurring or unfocusing during high-speed movements
  • Caveat: Takes away an attempt to mimic realistic blurring of our IRL vision
  1. Graphics → turn off Depth of Field
  • Rationale: Blurs certain things in the background that the game decides should not be in focus
  • Caveat: Takes away an attempt to mimic movies by giving the game a more “cinematic” look
  • Decrease Blurriness (NVIDIA GPU only) – (u/ama8o8, u/Obanon, u/RouletteZoku, u/Reynbou)
  1. Instructions: Open the Nvidia Control Panel → Manage 3D Settings →  program Settings → select Cyberpunk.exe → change image sharpening to on and leave at default values
  • Rationale: DLSS inevitably creates visual impurities (especially with ultra performance settings)
  • Caveat: u/WarMachineGreen reports you may experience some FPS drop when using sharpening


  • Increase FPS – (u/Cohibaluxe, u/cheeseybacon11, u/DemitriX2K)
  • Instructions:
  1. Lower Cascaded Shadows Resolution (i.e, change to low or medium)
  • Rationale: This seems to be a setting that can bring double digit improvements in FPS with minimal impact on visuals
  • Caveat: Shadows will be less high-quality
  1. Lower Volumetric Fog res & Volumetric Cloud res
  • Rationale: These are some of the most demanding graphics settings.
  • Caveat: Theoretically, it would decrease the attempt to create dense clouds/fogs that lead to atmospheric visuals. It was suggested decreasing volumetric clouds led to basically no change in visual quality, while lowering volumetric fog had some minimal changes.
  1. Consider turning off Screen Space Reflections
  • Rationale: Shown to improve game by 7-9 FPS
  • Caveat: Does decrease surface reflections. You may prefer to keep on, so change at your own discretion.
  • Increase FPS (PC users only) – (u/ADXMcGeeHeezack)
  • Instructions:
  1. Turn on variable Fidelityfx CAS (not static)
  • Rationale: Found to have doubled FPS
  • Caveat: It’s been recommended Nvidia owners only use this if unable to use DLSS
  • Increase FPS (NVIDIA GPU only) – (u/natedrake102, u/cheeseybacon11)
  • Instructions:
  1. Turn on DLSS 
  • Rationale: AI that helps increase FPS
  • Caveat: Works better at higher resolutions. The “quality” setting seems to be very popular. But it was suggested the “ultra performance” setting leads to huge FPS gains with little visual sacrifice. However, some say Ultra Performance caused visuals to look “awful.” Play around with it yourself


  • Decrease sluggish feel of input delay (u/iwishuwood)
  • Instructions:
  1. Controller settings → turn on advanced options → turn horizontal & vertical bonuses all the way up to 0
  • Rationale: this applies extra sensitivity when the stick is pushed all the way. People confirm it makes guns more enjoyable
  • Caveat: ?
  • Decrease oversteering in vehicles (u/willguitar94)
  • Instructions:
  1. Controller settings → decrease 3rd person turning sensitivity
  • Rationale: Prevents vehicle oversteering
  • Caveat: Confirmed by only 1 person, so test for yourself. This person used a setting of 3 or 4


  • Improve and stabilize FPS
  • Instructions:
  1. Decrease NPC density (medium is popular, low if needed)
  • Rationale: Prevents stutters and FPS drops due to NPCs spawning in
  • Caveat: Play with the settings to see what you like
  • Work in progress → drop some recommendations in comments, hopefully people will upvote the best ideas
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