Binance leveraged tokens btcup and btcdown

Binance leveraged tokens btcup and btcdown : Here is a brief and clear guide with all necessary informations you need to know about btcup and btcdown tokens including the question of liquidation which is a key problem about leveraged tokens.

When btcup and btcdown gets liquidated ?

Binance leveraged tokens are designed to prevent liquidation. As Binance leveraged tokens maintain variable target leverage, positions are no longer exposed to liquidation risks.

Binance leveraged tokens don’t offer fixed leverage gains because leverage rate changes depending on the market direction in order to prevent liquidation.

Binance leveraged tokens can yield gains from 1.5x to 3x.

BTCUP : Makes 1.5x to 3X profit when Bitcoin goes up. If bitcoin price raises by 10% , BTCUP gives 15% to 30% profit.

BTCDOWN : Makes 1.5x to 3x profit when Bitcoin goes down. If bitcoin price falls by 10%, BTCDOWN gives 15% to 30% profit.

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