Bitcoin Halving Dates

Bitcoin Halving Dates : Want to know when the next Bitcoin halving events will tale place ? Here are all Bitcoin halving dates along with relevant details such as block reward, block height.

Bitcoin halving meaning for the market : Bitcoin halving events have strong impact on Bitcoin price as these events decrease total BTC in circulation.

Bitcoin Halving Order Bitcoin Halving Date Block Height Block Reward
0 N/A 0 50
1st Bitcoin Halving 28.11.2012 210.000 25
2nd Bitcoin Halving 9.07.2016 240.000 12,5
3rd Bitcoin Halving 20.06.2020 630.000 6,25
4th Bitcoin Halving 2024 840.000 3,125
5th Bitcoin Halving 2028 1.050.000 1,5625
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