BNBFactor Review

bnbfactor review

BNBFactor Review : Is it safe, legit and trusted ? How could the system possibly distribute daily interest rates ranging from 2% to 4% ?

Deployed on Binance’s smart contract network, the BNBfactor is yield farm app that offers investors daily interest returns . The app has been designed to collect BNB and distribute daily dividents for specific period of time.

Initial Deposits Can not be Withdrawn !

Deposits made to BNBfactor app are gone for good. Investors can only receive daily dividents throughout specified durations.


The underlaying logic in such business models is to collect fund, utilize it in another industries, make profit and share a proportion with investors. However, when things go bad, it takes few seconds to shut down the system and disappear.

Conclusion ;

We don’t recommend such investment models due to high risk of capital loss.

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