Book by Erdogan : A More Fair World is Possible

Book by Erdogan : A More Fair World is Possible

The President of Turkey Erdogan announces his book titled “A More Fair World is Possible” has been released.

Erdogan’s book consists of his criticizm over organizational sructure of The United Nations and The Security Council.

The English translation of the description and preface of the book is being searched on search engines.

The book is not available in PDF format.

English Translation of the description of Erdoğan’s More Fair World is Possible :

“It is neither moral nor fair for only five countries to decide on issues that will affect the fate of the whole world. The world is bigger than five countries.”

“A UN that reflects multiculturalism and multipolarity is needed to ensure a just and more sustainable global peace. The world is neither unipolar nor bipolar, under the cultural hegemony of either a dominant culture or a few privileged actors. It is possible to build a multi-polar, multi-centered, multi-cultural, more inclusive and just world. The first address for such a world is the UN. The way to peace, stability, justice and effective global governance is through the reform of the UN. The reform of the UN, and especially the restructuring of the Security Council, will of course be realized with the consensus of all the countries of the world.

We, as Turkey, have been expressing our proposal in this framework for a long time and open it to the discussion of all countries. Our solution proposal is to adopt a perspective that finds itself in the phrase 'The world is bigger than five' and focuses on changing the structure of the UN Security Council. The restructuring of the Council in a way that will represent the continents, beliefs, origins and cultures in the most equitable way possible will be a revolutionary step towards resolution and global peace.”
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