Btcst mining profit calculation

Btcst mining profit calculation : If you are looking for a btcst mining profit calculator, the informations about how to calculate btcst mining profits will guide you. How much can you earn by holding btcst token ? Here is a simple btcst mining profit calculation :

What is btcst ?

BTCST is a token representing bitcoin mining hashrate, mining power in the most popular term.

BTCST mining profit calculation (Updated after the price redomination)

1 btcst is equivalent to 0.01 TH/s mining power (was 0.1 th/s before the price redomination) with electricity and all other costs included. Based on this ratio, we can simply calculate how much mining profit to be yielded :

0.01 th/s mining power can mine 0.5 cent worth bitcoin daily , depending on the difficulty rate.

For example ; if you hold 100 btcst, you can earn about 0.5 USD daily mining profit.

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