Buy 1 Euro (one euro) house in Sicily Italy ?

You can buy a house in Mussomeli, Sicily, Italy

How to buy 1 Euro house in Sicily Italy ? Did you know that houses in Italian villages are selling for One Euro only ? Abandoned villages in Mussomeli, a city in the Italian city of Sicily now welcome their new residents as the municipality of Mussomeli decides to sell houses for 1 Euro to bring life back to the villages.

As the global news outlets publish news stories about those 1 Euro houses, this unsurprisingly arroused a great interest from all around the world.

How to buy 1 Euro Houses in Mussomeli,Sicily, Italy ?

There are plenty of consultancy companies that can help you buy a house in Italy for 1 Euro. These companies also operate websites to provide all necessary informations about buying house in villages in Mussomeli.

However buyer should consider additional expenses when they buy a house for symbolic price of 1 Euro.

Additional expenses include notary fees, secretarial fees, guarantee policy fees, cadastral plans fees, annual local taxes, restructuting costs.

To conclude, buying a house in Italy would cost more than 1 Euro considering additional expenses. However, you can buy a house for 2500-4000 Euros with all expenses included.

In order to buy a 1 Euro house in Italy, you need to contact the municipality of Mussomeli.

Phone number to contact the municipality of Mussomeli : +39 0934 961111

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