Did Bitcoin price hit 82000 TUSD on Binance ?

BTC/TUSD pair sees a price surge to 82000

Did Bitcoin price hit 82000 TUSD on Binance ?

The popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance saw an extraordinary development tonight with the BTC/TUSD pair recording a price surge to 82,000 while the actual price was 16,600.

How did that happen ?

Technically speaking, all sale orders including the one placed at 82,000 TUSD have to be filled in order for the price to reach that level.

This fact raises three key question ;

Did someone really buy all listed bitcoins including the one priced at 82,000 TUSD ?

Did Binance abused it’s position to make changes on BTC price to mislead investors creating false impression the price would increase up to 82K in an attemp to encourage them to buy Bitcoin ?

Was that a money laundering operation ?

Bitcoin has yet to made an official statement on the suspicious activity.

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