Did Joe Biden use mic&earphone during Debate 2020 ?

Did Joe Biden use mic&earphone during Debate 2020 ? As the first presidential debate for 2020 Election took place, supporters of either sides came up with some speculative allegations. Trump supporters launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #JoeWired that saw thousands of tweets claiming that Joe Biden received assistance through an earpiece.

Here is why this allegation is baselees :

Image 1 : Alleged Wire Seen Under Joe Biden’s Jacket

The video claimed to show the wire of the earpiece under the jacket lapel is in fact showing a simple clothe wrinkle.

Image 2 : Alleged Microphone Seen Under Joe Biden’s Shirtcuff

Another image shared on social media was claimed to show a microphone under his shirtcuff. But the truth is that it is a rosary Joe Biden wears in memory of his son Beau Biden who died in 2015. It is also not logical to use a microphone to deliver voice while the debate is already livestreamed.

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