Does dopamine fasting work ?

Does dopamine fasting work ? Does the latest silicon valley trend the dopamine fasting really work ? Or it is just a helpless method that does not yield promised results.

Before we talk about dopamine fasting effects on brain, it is helpful to know what is dopamine fasting and what are common effects of dopamine fasting.

What is dopamine fasting ?

The dopamine fasting is a brain oriented technique aiming to reduce activities that help brain release dopamine which is believed to cause happiness and satisfaction.

Dopamine fasting requires individuals to cut back on pleasing activities including having sex, taking alcohol, playing an addictive game or gambling . This way, they can lower their satisfaction threshold and can feel good even with small things.

Does dopamine fasting work ?

Dopamine fasting is indeed a self control motivation that helps people lower their addictions for some activities. If you can control yourself and restrain from doing things you enjoy, you already have ability to limit yourself.


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