Elon Musk on ClubHouse Good Time

Elon Musk on ClubHouse Good Time : Joined the Good Time show airing on the Clubhouse app, the cryptocurrency manipulator Elon Musk made remarks on Dogecoin and cryptocurrency.

Elon Musk, one of manipulators who is thought to be part of Reddit pump and dump group the Wall Street Bets, is held responsible for billions USD loss that manipulated investors suffered in the recent pump and dump operation. Investors have been manipulated by social media campaigns run by the help of paid TT services and encouraging messages posted by group members, to invest in Dogecoin at 0.087 USD. The coin is now trading at 0.030 USD after a sharp price fall by up to 80%. Gamestop shares have also been targeted by same scam operation. The price increased to 347 USD and fell to 190 USD within hours.

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