Fake iPhone 11 Pro giveaways on social media sites

Fake iPhone 11 Pro giveaways on social media sites : Just following the introduction of iPhone 11 Pro, a group of foxy people have launched fake iPhone 11 Pro giveaway campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram in order to prompt users to contribute to the popularity of their accounts.

Iphone 11 Pro is quite expensive, especially in underdeveloped countries. For that reason, to have this smartphone for free sounds very appealing. However this innocent hope for a freebie may push you into the hands of a bunch of dishonorable exploiters.

How does the unethical giveaway setup work ?

To be eligible for so called “iPhone 11 Pro Givaway” internet users are generally asked to follow their accounts, Retweet their posts, subscribe their youtube channels and to fulfil several other requirements.

Of course it seems like you have nothing to lose when you participate in such activities. But it is unlikeable to be exploited. Additionally, it costs waste of time.

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