Filecoin mining : How much can you earn ?

Filecoin mining : How much can you earn ? The Filecoin keeps growing in popularity as it’s price recently recorded remarkable rise. Since the Filecoin is a mineable cryptocurrency, it is being highly wondered how much a miner can earn with filecoin mining.

If you are looking for informations and instruction on Filecoin mining payouts or rewards , here is what you need to know to learn how much you can earn with filecoin mining.

How to mine Filecoin ?

In order to start mining filecoin, you need to a have a computer that meets the minimum system requirements required to install and setup Lotus software.

The full document about filecoin mining can be found here : Filecoin Mining

How much can you earn with Filecoin mining ?

Miners are paid for their contribution to the network. There are two types of rewards miners receive for their effort ; storage fees and block rewards.

Storage fees are paid for supplying idle storage while block rewards are paid for production blocks, which means Filecoin printing.

A filecoin miner operating with a 32 GB RAM computer is capable of earning 1 to 2 Filecoin a day.

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