Gas Price in Iran November 2019

A photo taken at gas station shows that 1 liter gasoline sells for 3000 Toman.

Gasoline Prices in Iran November 2019 : How much Iranian Toman for 1 liter of gasoline in Iran by November 2019 ? 

With a recent price mark-up by more than 50%, gas prices in Iran have reached a historical level. Several groups staged anti-government protests on the pretext of “gas price increase” in some cities across the country.

Despite the recent price increase,  gas price in Iran is still the lowest among all countries in the Middle East. In Turkey recent gasoline price is 7 Turkish Lira, More than  1 USD.

Here are latest gas prices both in Iranian Toman and Us Dollar as of November 2019.

1 Liter Gasoline Price in IRR : 3000 Iranian Toman

1 Liter Gasoline price in USD : Only 0.07 USD

3000 Iranian Toman (IRR) is equivalent to 0.07 USD.  Conversion base rate 1 USD = 42,020.23 IRR and 1 IRR = 0.0000237981 USD

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