How to do RAMP BUSD farming on Pancakeswap ?

How to do BUSD RAMP farming on Pancakeswap ? The Popular De-Fi yield farming platform Pancakeswap has launched its brand new farming pool RAMP-BUSD.

Here is a simple guide on how to fo BUSD RAMP farming on pancakeswap :

1- You need both BUSD and RAMP tokens. Make sure that token standard is converted to BEP-20. Otherwise your token balance wont appear in your pancakeswap wallet and the balance will be 0. If you dont hold both tokens, you will need to by them. To do this ; just transfer BUSD BEP-20 Tokens from Binance to Trust Wallet and use pancakeswap swap function to buy RAMP. This way , you will have both tokens in order to convert them into RAMP-BUSD LP Tokens which is required to participate in the farming program.

How to migrate RAMP to BEP-20 ?

1- Go to

2- Connect your wallet

3- Go to BSC section ; here you can convert RAMP ERC20 tokens to RAMP BEP20 tokens.

How to get RAMP BUSD LP Tokens ?

After transferring both tokens to Trustwallet, or swapping BUSD to RAMP by half on pancakeswap, you will need to get BUSD-RAMP LP tokens to start farming.

To get BUSD-RAMP LP tokens ;

1- go to pancakeswap app and open the farms section.

2- Find the RAMP-BUSD farm and tap on to reveal details.

3- Tap on the “Get RAMP-BUSD LP” link . Then you can add equal amounts of BUSD and RAMP tokens to the pool. The system will give you RAMP-BUSD LP token. After completing this phase, you can start farming.

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