How to use Shibaswap to earn ?

How to use Shibaswap to earn BONE and LEASH tokens ?

How to use Shibaswap to earn ? The Shiba Swap app has finally been released. The Shiba Swap app offers Shiba holders a wide range of options to earn LEASH and BONE tokens by staking Shiba or adding Shiba into liquidity pools.

Here is a brief and easy to understant tutorial that shows how to connect Trust Wallet, Metamask or other popular wallets to start earning with :

1- Connect Your Wallet to Shiba Swap

The best option to connect your Trustwallet or Metamask is to use Metamask chrome add-on. Trustwallet users can also login to Metamask using their Trustwallet recovery phrase. If you receive error message while connecting Trust Wallet to Shiba Swap, try to use Metamask.

2- Add Shiba into Liquidity Pools or Stake Shiba

You can earn returns for providing liquidity or staking shiba. Shiba holders earn new tokens based on APR and APY rates.

In order to stake Shiba, you need to use the “BURY” function. If you want to provide liquidity to farm Shiba for BONE token, you have to use the “DIG” function.

If you encounter any errors, comment your problem to get a quick answer.

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