Is bat soup cause of corona virus ?

Is bat soup cause of Wuhan corona virus ? As the outbreak of Wuhan corona virus threatens lives, some scientists suggested that the virus might develop out of bat soups, which is widely consumed across China.

The corona virus, also known as Wuhan corona virus, has been confirmed to spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Scientific researches by the World Health Organisation on the main causes of the virus corona have found strong evidences that Chinese foods made from bats might be the cause of virus corona.

Snakes infected with corona virus have been analyzed as part of a dedicated research aiming to find causes of corona virus. Considering the fact that snakes prey on cave bats when they are asleep in the daytime, scientists have concluded that the corona virus might originate from bat soup and other types of Chinese dishes that include bat.

The corona virus is deadly. According to WHO, 17 out of 600 infected people have been killed by the virus corona.

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