is Demi Lovato Queer ?

Demi Lovato realizes she is queer after watching Cruel Intentions kiss scene

is Demi Lovato Queer ? Demi Lovato’s remarks on the lesbian kiss scenes in the award winning movie the Cruel Intentions has been followed by a striking confession.

Is Demi Lovato Queer ?

Demi Lovato said she realized she was in fact queer after watching a scene from the Cruel Intentions that involved two lesbian women kissing passionately.

The confession about a movie released in 2000 indicates that Demi Lovato has long been questioning her sexual preferences.

What is Queer ?

The queer individuals or queer people refuse to accept any sexual identities. They think it is not possible to fit into one of them as sexuality and gender can be complicated, change over time.

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