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lowest interest rate/APR car loans 2020: Banks operating within the United States Of America (USA) have ben staging a tough competition that force them to attract as more clients as possible. This competition inevitably prompts US banks to offer service and products at lowest interest rates. One of the most competitive category is car loans. Us banks offering low car loans have more chance to appeal clients in need of car loans. Why wuld they pay more when there is a better offer ? Please keep in mind that low car loans mean low apr car loans. Low APR car loans 2019 list will let you compare car loan interest rates to apply for the lowest auto loan in 2020.

Here is a list of US Banks offering the lowest car loan interests in 2020 :

Important reminder : A higher credit score returns as lower interest rates

1- Chase Bank Car Loans

Chase Bank is currently the best US bank that offers low APR car loan at affordable interest rates.

Chase Bank Car loan APR/Interest Rate : 4.740%

Loan Term : Up to 60 months

2- Capital One Car Loans

Capital One offers very compettive APR/ interest rates on car loans as well as long term loans up to 60 months.

Interest Rate/APR : 6.140%

Loan Term : Up to 60 months

This content composed to list “Low APR car Loans 2020” is dynamic and frequently updated as new car loan offers emerge.

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