Minereum BSC Reviews : Scam or Legit ?

Minereum BSC Reviews : Scam or Legit ? Over ten million Trustwallet users receieved 150,000 Minereum BSC (MNEB) tokens. When checked on poocoin, they realized that this amount makes about 40 BNB (approximately 12K USD).

How to sell minereum bsc MNEB ?

However they were shocked when they tried to swap on pancakeswap since the system did not allow them to proceed. When they visited the official website, they found out that they needed to buy “upgrade plan” in order to sell or transfer their token balance. This point is actually where the scam organization is uncovered.

The sole porpuse of minereum BSC scammers is to convince holders to buy upgrade plans. You cant sell or transfer MNEB tokens to exchanges without upgrading.

While so many victims have already fell for the trap, some smart people prefered to make a small research before diving into it.

Are you one of those smart people ? If so, your intelligence protected yourself from Minereum BSC scammers. If not, you better earn that habit as hundreds of new scam organizations emerge each day.


VERA (thevera.io) : Works the same way as the minereum BSC. The automated contract sends 800,000 VERA tokens to Trustwallet addresses. No permission to sell token balance.

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