Natural herbal remedies to prevent coronavirus

Natural herbal remedies to prevent coronavirus : The deadly Wuhan coronavirus has killed more than 170 infected people so far, causing an unusual fear across the world. As the modern medicine exerts intense effort to develop an anti coronavirus vaccine, people seek for natural herbal remedies to protect their body against Wuhan coronavirus.

Considering the fact that the coronavirus is more likely to invade a weak metabolism and spread quickly compared to a strong one, it becomes a high priority to focus on how to boost metabolism efficiently in order to increase prevention capacity of the metabolism.

There are tens of precious herbs and natural plants that can help us prevent coronavirus, along with necessary preventive measures like following hygiene rules.

Rose hip is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, two essential vitamins known for their metabolism boosting effects. A 100 gram of rose hip contains 100% of daily value for Vitamin A and 700% for Vitamin C.

A person drinking two cup of rose hip tea a day will have stronger metabolism which is very crucial with regards to preventing coronavirus.

The apple cider vinegar is also an efficient natural remedy to fight coronavirus and prevent it. Take a look at  Can apple cider vinegar prevent coronavirus ? to find out details.

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