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New coins like safemoon : Would not it be great to invest in a coin similar to safemoon if you are among those who missed the Safemoon train ?

Of course, a new opportunity is always tempting when you just missed a great one.

Safemoon has recorded astronomical price rise within several days and this prompted more interest by investors from all around the world.

Here we will list brand new projects that have potential similar to Safemoon.

These projects are called deflationary tokens or community coins. Tokenomics rely on smart contracts which are generally clones of safemoon.

We evaluate projects based on several criterias that make any cryptocurrency project worth investing in.

If you are looking for new coins like safemoon, follow this list :

SAFEMARS : Same logic with SAFEMOON underlying the entire concept of the SAFEMARS.

%4 transaction fee

%2 shared with holders in SAFEMARS tokens.

The remaining %2 is locked as LP tokens.

Official website :

WARNING : These type of tokens may see dramatical price falls as most of investors would want to sell at ATH price. Additionally, investors are adviced to make sure several criterias are met including liquidity lock (with proof), ownership renouncement (with proof), holder numbers above 1000, social media presence with a crowded community.

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