New CPU mining coins 2022

New CPU mining coins 2022 : All 2022 Brand new cryptocurrencies that can be mined through CPU mining.

While most of mineable coins can be obtained through GPU mining, some coins use CPU mining algorithm.

Here is a list of coins that can be mined through CPU mining in 2022 :

Monero (XMR)Random X
Verus Coin (VRSC)VerusHash 2.0
Nimiq (NIM)Argon2d
WebDollar (WEBD)Argon2d
Gulden (NLG)Sigma
PascalCoin (PASC)Random Hash
Banano (BAN)Folding@Home
Myriad (XMY)Yescrypt
Dynamic (DYN)Argon2d
Credits (CRDS)Argon2d
Scala (XLA)RandomX
Arionum (ARO)Argon2d
CPU Chain (CPU)CPUpower
Nerva (XNV)CryptoNight Adaptive
Tera (TERA)Secp256k1
Sumokoin (SUMO)CryptoNight R
X-Cash (XCASH)CryptoNight HeavyX
Hodlcoin (HODL)AES Pattern Search
Bytecoin (BCN)CryptoNote
GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY)Yescrypt
Aquachain (AQUA)Argon2id
Sequence (SEQ)Argon2d
Yenten (YTN)YescryptR16
Unitus (UIS)Argon2d
Verium (VRM)Scrypt2 PoWT
Zumy (ZMY)Argon2d250
Zettelkasten (ZTTL)BurgerHash v2
Pegnet (PEG)LXRHash
Sugarchain (SUGAR)YespowerSugar
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