Fraud in sports betting ?

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Fraud in sports betting ?

I have witnessed extraordinary results in some football games and thinking if there is fraud in sports betting.

In my opoinion, there is definitely fraud in sports betting and all teams are affiliated with betting authorities. I am starting a reseach into this issue aiming to achieve a comprehensive finding. Therefore am wondering what other people think on fraud in betting.

Your thoughts are very valuable for me.


Fraud in sports betting Answered question March 6, 2023
Lisa (anonymous) 0 Comments

In my opinion it is all fraudulent industry. the entire business model has been projected to steal from people.

I never support a football team. Am not idiot.

I never bet on anything. Why would i let a group of dishonorables to make fool of me ?

My advice is ; dont support footbal clubs, dont buy their products, dont buy tickets, dont travel miles to go watch their games.

and of course dont involve in betting and gambling.

Lisa Answered question March 4, 2023
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