Fraud in sports betting ?

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Fraud in sports betting ?

I have witnessed extraordinary results in some football games and thinking if there is fraud in sports betting.

In my opoinion, there is definitely fraud in sports betting and all teams are affiliated with betting authorities. I am starting a reseach into this issue aiming to achieve a comprehensive finding. Therefore am wondering what other people think on fraud in betting.

Your thoughts are very valuable for me.


Fraud in sports betting Answered question March 6, 2023
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Exactly the entire industry is operated by the same body. It is a complex structure comprising of various revenue sources one of which is betting.

I give you an example ; yesterday a game between Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt ended 2-2 . All four goals was scored in first half. No goal in second half. It is impossible that teams scoring 4 goals are unable to score at least one goal in second half. It is clearly evident that they did not play to score goal in the second half.

I advice you people stay away from betting.

Betting Fraud Answered question March 6, 2023
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