Samsung Galaxy Fold Folding Durability Test

Samsung Galaxy Fold Screen Folding Durability Test : How many foldings does the Samsung Galaxy Fold handle ? The most recent folding durability tests conducted at Samsung labs have given striking results.

Folding durability for a foldable smartphone is of vital importance. For the very reason it is promoted for foldability feature, it should offer a reasonable folding durability.

According to a recent study on foldable smartphones, users perform folding/unfolding activities more than 20 times a day. This information increases the importance of folding durability that foldable smartphones promise.

Samsung Galax Fold Screen Resists 18,500 folding/unfoldings !

Samsung Galaxy fold has been put through a folding durability test conducted by automated robots. After 18,500 folding/unfolding exercises, serious screen damages have been encountered.

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