Starlink internet speed and price

Starlink internet speed and price : The satellite internet project led by Elon Musk, the Starlink internet keeps attracting consecutive interest globally. The Starlink internet project offers the speedest and cheapest internet for everyone from all parts of the world. However , informations such as starlink internet speed and starlink internet price are still matters of curiosity.

Each day, the Space X company tries to increase total bandwidth capacity of starlink internet. Currenctly the starlink internet bandwidth capacity is over 240,000 Gigabit per second (gbps). The company has applied to increase this number up to one million gbps by launching additional 30,000 starlink satellites. If this could be achieved, the starlink internet speed will reach an astronomic level.

With the currently available satellites and bandwidth capacity, the starlink internet speed is expected to surpass 1024 mbps. This means, a data of 1 GB can be downloaded within 1 second via this connection. Price for starlink internet will later be determined.


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