Tesla Cybertruck bullet proof durability test

Tesla Cybertruck bullet proof durability test : How strong is the Tesla Cybertruck ? Watch Tesla Cybertruck durability test videos…

Following the introduction event held for Tesla’s bullet proof truck the Tesla Cybertruck, everybody is curious about how the bullet proof glasses would resist bullets. Therefore, a video that shows bullet proof glass test would be very helpful to satisfy this curiosity.

However, Tesla has not released a bullet proof test as of yet to let us see how successfull is the Tesla Cybertruck glass and body in terms of strength against hot bullets freshly fired by a gun or automatic weapon.

Glass Durability Test Reveals Tesla Cybertruck Glasses Are Not Durable !

On the other hand, a glass durability test with iron balls during the introduction event shows that Tesla cybertruck glass is not as strong as Elon Musk claims. Even though thrown at a close range, small iron balls managed to smash Tesla Cybertruck glasses. Can you imagine the test being conducted with real bullets used to test the durability of the truck ? what would happen do you think ?

Take a look at this video showing that awkward moments when Tesla Cybertruck bullet proof glasses were smashed :


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